Littleroot Town E

Littleroot Town is a quaint town, no doubt, but it will soon become famous as your hometown. The ever-cheerful Professor Birch, known throughout Hoenn for his fieldwork, resides in this town with his wife and child. He will give you your very first Pokémon. That's one down, 201 to go!

Humble beginningsEdit

You'll start out in a moving truck crammed with boxes of goods. After a while, it will screech to a halt, after which you can step out of it. You'll tumble out, and be greeted by your mother. After a few lines of dialogue, both of you'll step inside, where Vigoroth are moving furniture and stuff. You'll be asked to go up to your room and set the clock there, so go up and do so.

Your mom will come up and talk some more, asking you to check your desk. Grab the Potion from the PC, and head outside.