Kanto Route 1 FRLG

Continue your journey towards Viridian. You can't capture new Pokémon just yet, but you can take this opportunity to build your Pokémon's experience levels. If your Pokémon enters too difficult a battle, use the Run command to escape. If it faints, head home to get a little TLC from Mom, or continue onward to Viridian City and enter its Pokémon Center.


Heading north from Pallet, Route 1 is pretty straightforward. The route is riddled with large patches of tall grass, and ledges that contour from far east to all to the far west, blocking off most of the route making it hard to travel north, only to have small gaps by which the road has been broken into.

From the entrance, travel east, through the patch of grass, upto the first ledge. Here, a Poké Mart employee will give you a free Potion. Heading away from the small clearing, the route makes its way eastern, and creates an "S" shape as it winds around tall ground, as well as long ledges. Route 1 then travels northerly through two consecutive patches of tall grass, one larger than the other. It then finishes off by curving westerly, and then north as it enters Viridian.


Pokémon Levels Encounter Rate
PidgeyPS Pidgey
2-5 50%
RattataPS Rattata
2-4 50%

NormalIC BigFlyingIC Big
Keen Eye
Ah, the little bird of Kanto. Pidgey is a zippy little Pokémon, coming with decent Attack and Defense, and mediocre other stats. it comes with the ability Keen Eye, which prevents loss of accuracy, but is useless as far as Pidgeot is considered.

Moving on to moves, it gets Gust at Lv. 9, which will be its only source of attack all the way till Lv. 27, where it gets Wing Attack. After that, it learns a couple of worthless moves. Agility at Lv. 48 isn't a good choice for Pidgeot, as it dosen't need more Speed anyway. It learns its last move, Mirror Move, at Lv. 62, which is also pretty crappy.

Pidgeot does not have a diverse choice in TMs, either. Fly and Aerial Ace are good choices, and perhaps even Steel Wing to give it some diversity and Hyper Beam for some power. Overall, Pidgeot is good, but Dodrio and Fearow just way outclass it. Not only do they have better stats in Attack and Speed, but they also have Drill Peck, whereas all Pidgeot has is Hidden Power Flying or Aerial Ace.

NormalIC Big
Run Away orGuts
Rattata and its evolved form, Raticate, have always been quite forgotten Pokemon since RBY; the poor rodents never got a chance to shine. Raticate's stats are horrendous, with none of them going past the base 100 benchmark. Its highest stat is its odd base 97 Speed, which is actually pretty good. However, Raticate probably never developed a natural resistance to pesticide. It has horrible base 55 / 60 / 70 defenses, and an even worse typing in Normal, which provides it with only a single immunity to Ghost-type attacks, though it has only one weakness, as well. With no resistances at all, Raticate can barely survive an attack. In its journey throughout the many regions, Raticate has picked up several tricks. Just like most Normal-types, Raticate has an extremely wide movepool that stretches from Kanto to Hoenn, including many unexpected moves. How can a common rodent use Thunderbolt? Or blow a gust of Ice Beam? Well, these weird quirks are all that Raticate can boast.

One time-saving trick is to leap off the low ledges in the ground. You can only jump from a ledge when you're moving down. Be careful not to trap yourself in grassy areas.

Crossing the wildsEdit

There's not much else to do here, but train your Pokémon. Try training it to around Lv. 8. This boring training will pay off, as it will make battling Trainers much easier in the long run. After your're done, enter Viridian City.